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Southern Hospitality

Time we went fishing in the USA! Somewhere different from South America and we were overdue a visit.  We went as early in the year as we thought we could get away with, but we do have a history of taking bad weather with us, and this trip was no different! Our destination was Knoxville Tennessee but we decided to do a little road trip on the way. We flew into Asheville North Carolina, hired a 'mid size SUV' (about the size of a minibus) and set off down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Blue skies and sunshine, spectacular views over the Appalachian mountains
We overnighted in Cherokee NC and took a trip around the Museum. Very informative and educational for those who's knowledge was gained only from John Wayne and Randolph Scott!
Then over the Great Smokey Mountains to Tennessee
Fishing - first - Bait! Tennessee Tarpon / Skipjack Herring great fun on light tackle
Then Striped Bass on the French Broad River, and we are fishing! These are lunkers running from 20 to 46 Lbs.
We are based near to Knoxville. The surrounding area is full of rivers and dams, all accessible and all stocked by the Tennessee Wildlife Authority. Access is free and easy.
 Parking is free, easy and seemingly secure
Tennessee is a paradise! 
Ten minutes drive, easy free parking, half an hour by boat and you can catch these! I'm emigrating :) 
At one point Mr Houlgate went completely native and got himself a cotton picking catfish 
Other fish caught
A very big thank you to our guide: Billy Davies.

Skilled angler
Catch and Release only
Very hard working
Great company

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