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The Rain Gods

Back to the Essequibo to revisit areas that we fished two years ago - in abnormal flood conditions.

This year things looked promising, no serious rain since October, and the rivers were low.

Then we arrived.

And we brought the rain with us.  . . . . . . . . . .

Our itinerary is now well established, as usual Dennis was at the airport (The best taxi driver in Guyana)

 to pick us up and take us to the gentile comforts of the Herdmanston Lodge

Then a flight to Annai
and a transfer to Kwatamang landing to meet up with Ashley Holland and his crew.
After a scratch overnight camp we arrived at Apoteri an Amerindian village to pick up two guides; 'Uncle' Stanley, and Neville.
Upstream, first camp 'Primus'
And the first fish,



Second camp, downstream 'Anteater'


And some more fish
Then a return to Apoteri, and our own charter plane!!


For a visit to Kai  Teur

Another great, well organised trip from Ash and the crew - Thanks! (Despite the rain, rising river levels, dirty water . . . . . . )

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