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Snakes Alive - Pink Pacu!

Back to Guyana! With a mission - to travel up the Rewa to Corona Falls and bag us a Pink Pacu or two.

Back again to the gentile comfort of the Herdmanston Lodge, Tea, Cricket, Sunshine and English speaking .
Then a flight to Annai in the Rupununi savanna where Colin Edwards has his Rock View Lodge, a wonderful garden oasis in the savannah, and more big smiles!
Then a road trip to Kwatamang Landing on the Rupununi river to meet up with Ashley Holland
So the river journey commenced.
Soon we were up the Rewa itself and catching fish,



As we travelled further up the Rewa and further away from any fishing grounds the sceanery got quite beautiful and the fishing got better


Not forgetting the catfish!
And the wildlife got better


Eventually we arrived at Corona
And the 'Pink Pacu'
Another great, well organised trip from Ash and the boys - Thanks!
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