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Land of Big Smiles

Where on Earth could we fish in South American rainforests, where you need to get well away from civilization without having to learn Spanish, or even worse Portuguese  . . . . (British) Guyana!

We overnighted in Georgetown, at Herdmanston Lodge an old style colonial type country house hotel. Fantastic staff, great focus on customer service, to be recommended. Lots of big smiles!

Georgetown itself was quite fascinating, still a great deal of Dutch influence in the architecture.


Then a flight to Annai in the Rupununi savanna where Colin Edwards has his Rock View Lodge, a wonderful garden oasis in the savannah, and more big smiles!
Then a road trip to Kwatamang Landing on the Rupununi river to meet up with our guide Ashley Holland, and his team of Amerindians, the photo taken at Apoteri where we overnighted on the way to the Essequibo, and picked up a local Amerindian elder, 'Uncle Stanley' who would act as our guide. These waters belong to the village at Apoteri.
After another day of river travel we made camp up the Essequibo, and what a professional camp it was, undoubtedly the most well run and comfortable camping we have ever done in a rainforest.  Good food, camp chairs, limitless supplies of tea, and everyone speaks English, how very civilised.
Food supplies were greatly augmented when a herd of peccaries were spotted swimming across the river. 5 of them never made it to the far bank, only as far as our larder!



Now the fishing: The water levels were 15' above where they should have been, it seems these days weather has replaced climate, still we managed to catch a good number of species


The only problem we faced was with Mick Bay who unfortunately developed a case of Cellulitus and had to be evacuated out to Georgetown for medical care after only 3 days
This was a fabulous trip, everybody we met in Guyana; from the Airport staff, our taxi driver Dennis, the staff at Herdmanston, the people at Rock View, and Ashley and his crew all had big smiles and big hearts. We will be be back!

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