Rio Frio

Costa Rica


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The Tarpon beat us - again!

Well, the best laid plans of mice and men . . . . . . . . . . 

A return to the Rio Frio in the north of Costa Rica, this time to specifically target the Tarpon that frequent these rivers, miles from the sea. 

The infrastructure for the trip was again provided by the honourable Sir Martin Barnard of "No Frills" Fishing Safari's in Los Chiles in the north of Costa Rica.
Alas it was not to be, we jumped a few, Mick Bay fought a large fish for half an hour, but we failed. We are not yet grown-up enough to catch these leviathans, they got the better of us. Still, that's why its called Fishing, not Catching.
So, having failed to catch a Tarpon we decided to try for something really difficult - BoBo in the Rio Sarapiqui. It was not our day, see the picture on the right? it would look OK if this was the dry season, it wasn't, this is high water in the wet season. Unbeknown to us, the earthquake in January had dammed the river upstream, the dam gave way and the river (and the BoBo) had been washed away.
Anyway a wonderful place to be, great scenery, great company, great food.

We rented a 4x4 from Vamos Rent-a-Car Great service, and very helpful, and did a bit of sightseeing up in the cloud forest.

So great respect to Mick Bay for catching something! - a snook - yum yum snook and chips!
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