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Last men standing

An epic road trip across Colombia. Nearly a thousand miles east from Medellin to the Venezuelan border, across Antioquia, Santander, Boyaca, Casanare, and Vichada to the Rio Tomo. A trip that would not have been possible (safe) just a few years ago. The TWATs now reduced to two.
Villa de Leyva in the hills of Boyaca

Colombia is amazing. Such views and vistas, such friendly people, such good food.   
The Altiplano Cundiboyacense. A high altitude plain frailejones abound.                        
Cassanare - Gateway to the LLanos, an amusing roadside restuarant           
Vichada - the eastern plains. A ferry over the Rio Meta and a vast expanse of nothingness, all very dry, at this time of year the grasses should still have been green. Climate change indeed.
So after 3 full days on the road we make it to our camp. A facility built by a local rancher. They had all moved to the camp to look after us, together with some cattle, some pigs, a flock of hens and a 'disturbance' of cockrells - 3 am alarm call anyone!
The fishing was a little difficult, so in keeping with many TWAT expeditions we focussed on catching the small juvenile specemins



A great trip, despite our hapless efforts to catch  big fish. Many thanks to our host Rafael (Aventura 4*4 Colombia) , our friend Victor, and Senior Elgar and all his family for looking after us.





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