Rio Teles Pirez



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Fish everywhere Piums everywhere else

2004 and our third Amazon trip, this one to some tributaries of the Tapajos system. Again it took a lot of travelling on internal flights, busses and car journeys to get here. Both Clearwater and Blackwater rivers, rapids, lagoons and quiet backwaters.

A veritable fishy paradise, well, it would be a paradise if it wasn't for the swarms of piums/sandflys that relentlessly attacked every bit of exposed skin. We should have noted immediately that everyone was in long trousers, long shirts, and even GLOVES!  

This was a 'Lodge' trip, a bit of  luxury for a change. Pousada Mantega is where we stayed, and highly recommended both for the fishing, and the facilities.. air con, great food, excellent guides. And a good variety of habitats and fish Cachora, Corvina, Bicuda, Tucunare, Jundia, Jau, Caparari, Barbado . . . and more
The tucunare
The catfish
And some other fishes,Bicuda, Corvina, Black Piranha


And the Cachorra
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