Rio Araguia



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Not the Amazon, but the Tocantins

A scarcely known destination outside of Brazil back in 2002, perhaps better known now for its population of large Piraiba catfish. It took some travelling to get here; a flight to Sao Paulo, an internal flight, and a long 12 hour bus trip along a road notable for banditry. Not strictly speaking the Amazon as geographers refer to it as the Tocantins watershed.
We hired a 'Barco Hotel'  for the week and a couple of guides
This is a popular spot for Brazilian anglers, we wanted peace and quiet, so we spent a day and a night travelling 100 miles down river away from any 'civilisation' .
So,  later on awakening we found ourselves moored on a sandbank . Immediately on investigating this sandbar we noted footprints of an inquisitive large cat that had investigated us a few hours earlier in the night!
The fishing was excellent, Red tailed Catfish in the margins, Piraiba in the main channels, Apapa off the sandbars and hidden lakes for Peacock bass. Mick and Nick both landed several large Red Tails
My Pirarara was slightly smaller, though I did land a Filhote and a Pintado
And a great variety of other  fishes; Bicuda, apapa, cachoro facao, mandube, corvina, arawana, bargada
And Tucunare, not the biggest specimens you will see, but all perfectly formed and so colourful, and still strong enough to put a treble in your hand!
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